Dear Sports Coordinator,
Cross Country Training for School Students
We would like to offer your students the opportunity to participate in our Cross-Country Training program at Speed and Agility Coaches! We appreciate that time is a precious commodity for teachers and school staff, limiting the opportunity to run training sessions for these events through school.
This program is particularly targeted towards those students representing your school at zone/regional cross-country events. The aim is to improve their aerobic endurance and performance to allow them to progress further through the school’s pathway towards the NSW Schools Championships.
Our programs are also open to other students wanting to improve their fitness. Cross country training is not just about running; it’s about cultivating resilience, teamwork, and personal growth.
All our coaches are accredited and have working with Children numbers. There are several students that currently use our Sprint program over the summer months.

Cost of the Program is $ 10 per session
Location and Times :
Commences the 5th of April – Friday evening 4.30pm ( Duration 8 weeks )
Childs Park , Chipping Norton ( Next to Chipping Norton Public School )
Commences the 7th of April – Sunday evening 3.00pm ( Duration 8 weeks )
Lake Gillawarna  ,  Georges Hall – Flinders Slope Carpark Entrance


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