Our Philosophy

Speed and Agility Coaches!

We are regularly amazed at the skills and ability that children and adolescents possess in sport. Whether it be hand eye co-ordination, tactical or decision making. All this natural aptitude is often overlooked by the fact that the faster child beat them to the ball or side stepped them; or niggling, persistent injuries stopping them from reaching their potential ability.

What if they were faster?
What if they were more agile?
What if they got a full season under their belt without needing time off from injury?

What if… they committed the time to work on these things with someone as committed as them?

It is this motive that compels us, to provide the opportunity for young athletes to redirect the focus of their training to reveal the untapped power and potential that their bodies possess.

The formula to success is simple, repetitive drills and exercises, combined with old school dedication, desire and commitment to improve.

“Hard work will always beat talent, if talent doesn’t work hard”


Great team, very caring and understanding of kids sport with a professional approach. I have seen some kids being transformed into athletes with a great desire to achives more. I highly recommend them. I can’t wait to pay you guys a visit in a few weeks.

Youcef Abdi

These guys know how it’s done properly. There are no shortcuts. I previously had my children coached elsewhere but they were always getting injured and their performance had declined and even went backwards. Under the guidance of Steve, Catherine and Tad I noticed a remarkable change in their attitude to training. Their performances lifted through…

Greg Facer

The guys at Speed and Agility are amazing, i had 2 daughters that were both state walkers been walking for 4 to 5 yrs. They wanted to go into sprinting the turn around that they achieved was fantastic one made state, the other regional in a matter of 6 months. Theses coaches will support the…

Samantha Adra

My son Noah plays NSW Youth football and the best decision I made was to engage the incredible expertise of Catherine, Steve & Tad. These guys apply years of achievements & technical athletics experience with mentoring and coaching know-how second to none. The results achieved were amazing and the friendships made along the way will…

Saul Fuentealba